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This page is dedicated to the Creative Writing Class at Fellermine Prep School.

Lesson TranscriptsEdit

These are the transcripts of each lesson. We begin with our discussion concerning dialogue.

Class 01 03/04/2019: The Elements of Horror. The homework is to write a creepy pasta and link the story below.
Class 04/12/2019: Crafting a Sterling Horror Hook. The Homework is to craft the hook and link it below.


Please follow each link to read the authors' assignment. To link your work here, click on the SOURCE button above. They type: Homework <subject> <title> by <name>. See the example below.

Homework Creepypasta Lesson
Homework creepypasta The Tragedy Man by Naressa.
Homework Creepypasta Confession by Kizkit.
Homework Creepypasta Signs of What's to Come by Sam Valla.
Homework Creepypasta Ninth Life by Hareld

Homework Horror Hook Lesson

Homework horror hook. Coin Eater by Lilia
Homework Horror Hook Welcome Home by Alasdair
Homework Horror Hook All the Stars Stay Silent by Hareld
Homework Horror Hook Black Sector by Kizkit
Homework Horror Hook Questions by Sam Valla

Arashi's side project Hattoran Chronicle Chapter 1

Homework Class of 04/26: Write two paragraphs describing your hero in paragraph one and the problem they face in paragraph 2. Assignments will be due no later than friday, May 11, 2019. Link them below.

Homework Character and Problems Nasarin Isalailsa by Kizkit
Homework Character and Problems ANA-83113 by Sam Valla
Homework Character and Problems Memrose by Hareld

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